You've seen all the before and after pictures in different
advertisements, but this is actually an air duct  in my home.

The "before" picture is actually  after a so called "reputable"
cleaning company, cleaned my system.

The "after" picture is what the same vent looks like after I          
                                         cleaned it.

               That's why I got into the business.
             I follow the procedure outlined by the                            
   (N.A.D.C.A.)National Air Duct Cleaning Association.  

I completely isolate the furnace and air conditioning system
from the air ducts, (at the furnace filter, and above the air
conditioning coil). This eliminates the possibility of getting
debris into the operating systems.

I then solidly connect a custom built, van mounted, vacuum
system directly to the cold air return main duct, and cover all
vents in the home.

Then, with all equipment operating, there will be a negative
pressure within the system. I then remove one vent cover       
at a time, and with special tools, hooked to compressed air,
physically dislodge any debris, and off it goes out to the
vacuum collection bag in the van.

I will now clean the entire main lines of the system (the larger
sections that actually hook up to the furnace) in the same
manner. I then repeat the process for the supply side of the

This method  literally cleans every square inch of your air duct

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