Did you know that a restricted dryer vent, and / or a dirty dryer costs you       
  time and money doing something you really don't enjoy doing anyway?

I've seen many times where someone will buy a new dryer, only to find the     
              whole system was clogged, and a good cleaning                               
                                 was all they actually needed.

            Not to mention, dryers can , and do start fires in homes,                    
                           if the systems are clogged or dirty.

       Is it taking longer than "normal" to dry your clothes?
Are your clothes hot to the touch, but still wet after running a normal cycle?
          Is your "outside flap" full of crud, or stuck open?

      These are just a few of the signs that your dryer vent system                   
                      needs to be serviced by a professional.

I will inspect, and clean your complete system from the lint trap,                      
to the outside flap, and make any recommendations I may find                       
                  to make sure your system operates as safe                                   
              and energy efficient as it was originally designed.

            It is not only important that the dryer vent is clean,                              
                                         and flows freely,                                                       
             but the dryer itself should be inspected and cleaned.

 The blower fan, and lint trap area are a major collector of stuff                      
                        (that actually gets past the lint trap)                                           
                    as well as the heating element, or burner.

       If there is an accumulation of lint on your heating surfaces,                      
       or areas around the burner, that's a fire waiting to happen!

  I service single family homes, multi family homes, home owner                    
           associations, and apartment buildings, to name a few.

Give me a call, I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have,                  
            so you can get that laundry done, out of the way,                                 
              faster, cheaper and most importantly,

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